Vapcell S4 Plus V3.0 Smart Battery Charger 3A/Slot


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Vapcell S4 V3.0 plus Revolutionary Charger
4 Slots, 3A / slot, 12A in total Multi-function super fast charging

1. 3A each slot ,12A in total.
2. Charge/Discharge/Capacity test /Repair
3. Automatically select the optimum charge current.
4. Easily choose current you want at manual mode.
5. Wide & High charging current choice:0.25A /0.5A /1A/1.5A/ 2A/ 2.5A/ 3A for each slot.
6. Show charging status in real-time like voltage , capacity, temperature, time, current.
7. Enough space for 21700 battery, even button top 21700, PCB 21700 .
8. Top surface have a button top type feature to make contact in recessed battery
9. It is compatible with every type of rechargeable battery.
10. Support 4 slots charging independently without interference.
11. Automatically activate and repair “0 voltage” lithium battery.
12. Automatically calculate battery charging time.
13. Automatically calculate the battery percentage.
14. Charging protection, over-discharge protection and protection of polar reverse, short circuit protection .also, it can detect a broken battery.
15. Temperature control protection. Keep your battery safe, most important, your life safety.
16. Intelligent power bank 5V 1A .
17. Certified by FCC CE ROHS .


Notify me when the item is back in stock.