Vapcell Q2S Battery Charger


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The Vapcell Q2S charger is an improved version of Q2, now being compatible with 21700, 20700, 26700 batteries as well.

Apply to (battery diameter:10-26mm,length:34-72mm)
3.6v/3.7v Li-ion:
10340(RCR123)/10440/14500/16340/16650/17500/17650/17670/18350/18490/18500/18650/22650/ 26500/ 26650/20650/22500/25500/20700/21700

– Micro USB power
– Automatically Stop Charging
– Over charge , and discharge protection
– Reverse -polarity protection
– Each slot Charge independently
– Portable, Easy to carry

Model Q2S
Input DC 5V 2A
Constant Current 1A*2
Cut-off Voltage 4.2V±1%
Apply to Li-ion/IMR 3.7V
18490/18500/18650/22650/ 26500/ 26650/20650/22500/25500/21700

Package Content
Charger, USB cable, user manual

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