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Why Easy-DIY?

We have many years experience in producing premium juices, so our product is tried and tested by the market. The quality, taste and consistency (you want the exact same great tasting, high quality juice today that you bought years ago) is of paramount importance, and we have proved that we can achieve and maintain that exacting standard since All Day Vapes was established in 2016.

The very high excise duty imposed on juice from 1/6/23 has forced us to restructure our operation.

Continuing with our operation would add at least R290 / 100ml, resulting in a retail of around R550-R600 / 100ml. Not an option. The only other options we had was pivoting to DIY or join the grey/black market with mislabeling.

We have worked very hard since 2016 to build a business developing and offering high quality juice, deep customization and variety for our valued customers. Shutting down, or being shut down because we get caught selling on the grey/black market was not an option, so DIY was the only way to go if we did not want to shut down our business.

Vape Juice DIY

Juice DIY can be a major challenge – it has a steep learning curve which takes a lot of time to begin to master.

If you enjoy challenges and have the time and interest it can be very rewarding. It can also be very disheartening if you fail to master the nuances of the many flavours available and can send you right back to smoking.

There is a lot of waste involved with DIY, unused flavourings, bad mixes etc. You will also need quite a lot of equipment – scales, syringes, bottles, gloves etc. and space to store/mix the flavouring and juice in your pursuit of perfection.

DIY kits are available to make life somewhat easier, but the above is still true for them.

In short, vape juice DIY is not an option for most vapers, their time is worth more than the saving that can be achieved by competent DIY.

Easy-DIY for a Professional Premium Juice

We have adapted our systems to provide you with the same high-quality, premium juice that you are used to ordering from us, in an Easy-DIY format.

What we have come up with is a very easy, clean and simple DIY solution which will ensure that our customers get exactly the same juice that they have been accustomed to, over the long term. (This is the reason we have left the historical reviews on the website – they are perfectly valid for the new format)

Issues we took into account in implementing this solution:

  • Most of our customers don’t have the time, desire or expertise to DIY
  • Our customers will not accept a messy or tedious process
  • The resultant juice had to be of the exact same quality, taste etc. as they are used to
  • We had to keep any price increase due to higher processing costs, ingredients etc. to an absolute minimum

We are confident that the process we have put in place will meet this criteria. It is extremely simple, clean and quick (2 mins) and needs no equipment or expertise. The customization options are exactly the same as you are used to. That’s a whole lot better, we think, than you having to pay an extra R290 for a 100ml bottle of juice, or get your juice on the grey/black market – which always tends towards dubious quality for obvious reasons.

You choose the flavour you want from our flavouring pages, then with the drop down boxes tell us:

  • how much you want to make
  • what nicotine type and strength you need
  • what base ratio VG/PG you want
  • whether you prefer to make your juice in a Chubby Gorilla bottle with child-proof cap (a small extra charge), or a HDPE squeeze bottle with spout (standard)
  • whether you prefer stronger menthol (in the Chilled range) than our standard

You will receive the ingredients in the exact amounts needed for the juice you want to make. Simply combine them, shake well and that’s it! You have a juice which is the exact high quality and taste as the juice you are used to buying from us for many years.

No equipment needed, you can do it anywhere, anytime.

There is a slight increase in the pricing of Freebase DIY, and a slight decrease in price of Salt Nic DIY.

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