About All Day Vapes – Eliquid Direct to Public

All Day Vapes is a division of FlavourJoy (Pty) Ltd and was established in South Africa during 2016 by two mixologists with international experience in the vaping industry since 2009. It’s mission is to increase quality, variety and customization of the eliquid on offer to the South African vaping community while keeping prices at a level that is affordable to the average vaper without breaking the bank.


ELiquid Direct to Public Business Model

In order to keep our eliquid quality at the highest level – our eliquids are also exported so we have to compete with international ejuice manufacturers – while reducing our prices to below the average market levels we find savings in efficiency of operational, management, production and distribution systems. This is why we have adopted a Direct to Public business model. Cutting out the middle man allows us to offer the best quality at the lowest cost to vapers nationwide.

For the same reason we have not set up a collection facility, we only offer direct to public sales via our website. The costs of running and staffing such a facility – which will only cover a small geographical area within South Africa – would impact our eliquid prices for all everywhere in South Africa.


Responsible E-liquid Marketing

The vaping industry is often accused – by groups seeking to get it banned – of targeting children in their marketing. Product names, flavours and labeling all come under fire and are held up as designed to attract children.

This is a grave danger to the industry and those many vapers that have found it to be invaluable in quitting smoking. ‘Attractive to children’ is used to garner support for the banning lobby from the general public.

In order not to contribute to this issue, All Day Vapes made a decision from the outset to market in a very subdued and responsible way. Product names simply reflect the taste profile of the juice as accurately as possible without any hype, and labeling reflect the quality offered without any attracting cartoons or similar sales slogans/aids.

The quality and taste of our juices speak for themselves. We believe this to be a better long term strategy than hype and attracting labels, even though it may reduce sales in the short term.


Eliquid Customization

Customization of eliquid is another very important aspect of our business model. Generally vapers had a choice of 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine levels being offered. This was not a very satisfactory situation as every vaper has different needs and equipment. So we decided to set up our systems to be able to offer a great degree of customization of nicotine levels, base ratios. menthol levels (in our Chilled juices) and packaging.

Why customize your vape juice?

Quick Guide to Customizing your vape juice.


Guaranteed Freshness of our Eliquids

Our Made-to-Order system also has the added advantage of guaranteed freshness, the juices do not sit on shelves for months before being sold.

Apart from the very large range of eliquids we offer, our delivery system is also tailored to make it easy for anyone, anywhere in South Africa to purchase from us, with fast courier delivery directly to your door. No need to spend money travelling to a shop.

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