E-Liquid Lychee & Pear

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E-Liquid Lychee and Pear
Steeping: Minimum 3 Days. Recommended 1 Week

E-Liquid Lychee and Pear

See e-liquid notes for more information on ordering and steeping.

5 reviews for E-Liquid Lychee & Pear

  1. dasen.thathiah (verified owner)

    I was paranoid about using any other juice in my MTL device instead of the specified one, but I gave All Day Vapes a shot for the first time last week. Although I haven’t let the liquid steep for the required 14 days yet, I am happy with the first tank I have sampled. Great mixture (which I imagine will only get better), lovely flavour and fantastic prices.

  2. lfgm (verified owner)

    Nice and smooth fruit vape. The litchi on my set up is more pronounced but it’s pleasantly sweet. Not bad at all 🙂

  3. seedatm (verified owner)

    This is my favourite fruit flavour and a combination of pear and lychee is just perfect.

  4. adamheynes (verified owner)

    This ejuice really took me by surprise (in a good way) – I was expecting the Lychee to be completely overpowering, but much to my delight, the pear came through perfectly balanced and kept me coming back for me. If you like em fruity, this one is for you!

  5. Saalik Ahmed (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this one,i taste both the litchi and pear equally,they kinda compliment each other,well done on this one!

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