E-Liquid Banana Custard Cake

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E-Liquid Banana Custard Cake
Steeping: Minimum 14 Days. Recommended 4 Weeks
NOTE: This juice MUST steep

E-Liquid Banana Custard Cake

See e-liquid notes for more information on ordering and steeping.

9 reviews for E-Liquid Banana Custard Cake

  1. Bakkies (verified owner)

    They really nailed the balance on this. Each flavor just pops without crowding each other out. Would recommend it to any custard enthusiast or even if you love fruits more and are just feeling adventurous like I was.

  2. BH (verified owner)

    This is the first time I’ve tried custard and / or banana, so this review might not be of much use, but I can say that I really enjoyed it! Will purchase again.

  3. Lyzetteo (verified owner)

    Wow, loving it!I have steeped it for about a week and half, love the banana flavor that you exhale, definitely becoming one of my favorites!

  4. ssn.schmidt (verified owner)

    Steeping improves the taste, though the complicated mix of flavor makes is hard to determine the exact taste.

  5. deslazarus (verified owner)

    Was expecting a slightly more morish taste of the cake, however very nice balance between the banana and crusty type taste. Will order again

  6. moodleybrenden (verified owner)

    One of the best banana Vapes out on the market these guys know what they are doing and for the price you guys sell it amazing I’ve always said we are being ripped off by being over charged for nic finally a vendor that charges per a ml of nic great juice keep it up definitely will recommend to every vaper I know, this banana is delicious

  7. spardadarkknight (verified owner)

    Just awesome, Perfect Bannana and Custard cake balance I have been searching for something like this for ages

  8. hendre101 (verified owner)

    Yummy, this is a great ADV for me, steep time just over 2 weeks. Amazingly smooth juice, subtle banana on the inhale, and a “thick” doughy custard on the exhale.

  9. lfgm (verified owner)

    This was my first Bakery e-liquid and I was pleasantly surprised. Exceptionally well-balanced banana/vanilla with a crust undertone throughout. It is not too dry as some vanilla vapes can be, so another great ADV from All Day Vapes 🙂

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