Chilled Liquorice Flavouring

Chilled Liquorice with menthol and star anise
Steeping: Not Required

(13 customer reviews)

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Chilled Liquorice Flavouring

Chilled Liquorice with menthol and star anise

13 reviews for Chilled Liquorice Flavouring

  1. Estelle (verified owner)

    After the owner contacted me, he sorted the problem and I am pleasantly surprised by there service. Well done

  2. ADVmng

    Some low-power pen style atomizers do not really unlock some flavours, the heat on the coil is too low.
    We have sent the customer a flavour booster, plus a 100ml Chilled Mint at our own cost.
    Awaiting feedback from her.

  3. Estelle (verified owner)

    It doesn’t taste like liquorice at all, after reading the reviews I was very excited to taste it.
    What a disappointment, NO liquorice taste at all!!!!!!! If I haven’t tried it I would ask for a refund

  4. Lyzetteo (verified owner)

    I have steeped my licorice for a week and wow, i love this, going to make it one of my new favorites, Highly recommend it to all! You won’t be disappointed!

  5. 001hyr (verified owner)

    Hardware used for review: Digiflavor Siren 2 MTL RTA, 26 AWG Kanthal micro coil build, 1.3 ohms, Ehpro Mod 101 – Wattage Vaped: 13-17.5W.

    I am generally not a licorice person by nature. Forget about for vaping, I wouldn’t even touch licorice candy! This flavour is surprisingly good.

    I tasted a mild licorice/anise blend on the inhale which leaves a sweet after taste in the mouth followed by a slight cool chill on the exhale from the menthol.

    Everything in this mix just works so well. No single ingredient overpowers the other. If you want to add a bit of extra chill factor, try adding a few drops of WS-23.

    This one’s a keeper in my daily rotation.

  6. petertranter (verified owner)

    My Favorite by far, i would by this by the litre!!!!

  7. moodleybrenden (verified owner)

    Top quality eliquid Perfect combination of liquorice and menthol definite all day vape must try !!

  8. Robert (verified owner)

    So I normally don’t review juices as I find all of our tastes differ. However in the case of this juice I have decided to break my own rule. I am not a fan of aniseed based juices and not a huge liquorice fan. However I decided to buy this juice, mostly out of curiosity and because some of the comments intrigued me.

    I know it is conventional to review a juice as if it were food or a drink and describe a flavour profile. In this case however I think it misses the essence of this juice. It is cool and cleansing, and not mouthfuls of flavour – despite this it is one of the most satisfying vapes I have encountered

    The best way I can find to describe this juice is as a digital tobacco. Lets face it nobody smokes stinkies for the flavour – however there is something satisfying about it. Similarly this juice for me is soothing and satisfying without being about the flavour. Give this a try and like me test it over a longer period. Although it might not be your first choice on a single test – like myself you might find yourself reaching for it more often than not, initially as a palate cleanser to clear the sweet and fruit and later, like me as an immensely satisfying “digital tobacco”.

  9. jbcoetsee (verified owner)

    I ordered this juice out of curiosity as the flavour combination seemed a bit odd to what I would normally vape. I was quite surprised by how well the combo works, it’s well balance menthol with just the right amount of licorice coming through on the exhale. It’s become part of my daily rotation now, it’s fresh, different and good to vape after about 3 days. Would definitely recommend if you would like to try something interesting.

  10. matieu (verified owner)

    WOW!!! Just received the shipment today and dived straight in. Fantastic flavor. Feels like I am sipping an ice cold licorice aperitif. The flavor lingers with the menthol perfectly complementing the black licorice; a great balance of flavors. Tried mixing it with other combinations and it adds just the right amount of lingering tastebud heaven. A definite re-order magic elixir.

  11. shameer.adam1 (verified owner)

    I love liquorice, real liquorice, black, not red. So when I found this I jumped on it. Boy was I not disappointed. A definate ADV for REAL liquorice lovers.

  12. pieter.vaneck (verified owner)

    I hate liquorice as a sweet but seeing above reviews made me give it a go. Popped some in the serpent mini a d have to say mild liquorice with a cooling menthol to ease it up its a lovely summers adv! Will re-order

  13. thasveerbudhu (verified owner)

    I got impatient and after 3 days of steeping decided to give it a try. Wow, the flavor is amazing, you get an instant cool menthol hit followed by a lovely liquorice note. Definitely an all day vape!

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