Custom Vape Juice Guide

This is a summarised guide to help you decide which variations you should choose in your custom vape juice to suit your personal preferences and situation best.

You can read a more in depth article on the vape juice variations here.


VG – Vegetable Glycerin
PG – Propylene Glycol
DTL – Direct to Lung
MTL – Mouth to Lung

Base VG/PG Ratios

If you are PG sensitive, choose Max VG. You will need higher powered DTL equipment for this.
More info on PG allergy
How we solve the problem for our PG allergic vapers

For greater clouds and flavour – 70/30 to Max VG on DTL devices.

For less vapour, more discreet vaping – 50/50 to 60/40 on MTL device.

For a greater throat hit choose 50/50 to 60/40 VG/PG ratio.


Note: If the vape juice description does not specify nicotine salts it contains freebase nicotine (if the nic content is greater than 0 of course). Freebase nicotine is the type of nicotine used in most e-liquids. More info on nic salts vs freebase nicotine

Smoking cessation on DTL devices – Freebase nicotine, start with 9mg to 18mg depending on how heavy a smoker you were.

Smoking cessation on MTL devices – Nic Salts 20mg to 35mg

Lower throat hit – Nic Salts on MTL device. Nic Salts AT LOWER levels (1 to 9 mg) on DTL equipment.


Higher throat hit – Freebase nicotine on DTL or MTL devices

Weaning yourself off nicotine – drop your nic level slightly every month.

Menthol Strength

Most of the vape juices, not all, in our Chilled range can be supplied in standard, strong and very strong versions.

90% of our customers use the standard option, so we suggest you start there unless you are a keen menthol fan.


Packaging for your Vape Juice

Our standard packaging is in a HDPE squeeze bottle with a spout that is small enough to fit into most fill holes to ensure quick, easy and mess-free refilling of tanks, pods etc.

Note: 30ml orders (in standard HDPE packaging) are supplied in 50ml bottles (short fill).

standard e liquids - Custom Vape Juice Guide




There is an option for your vape juice to be supplied in Chubby Gorilla bottles with child proof cap if you prefer them.

Note: The spout on Chubby Gorilla bottles is very thin, for higher VG (80% to Max) we recommend the standard HDPE bottle)


vape juice - Custom Vape Juice Guide

More info on ordering your custom vape juice

These are general guidelines without knowing your personal situation. Please do not hesitate to email or phone us (during office hours) to discuss your particular situation if you are uncertain, we are happy to help.

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