Enjoy our juice at its Best - Join our Steeping Club today. It is a Free service plus your 1st month's juice is Free!

The Importance of Steeping Vape Juice

We specialize in customized vape juice, so your juice can only be made after we receive your order.

In addition to the advantage of having a juice tailored to your specific needs and equipment, this also guarantees the freshness of the juice you buy from us. You will never receive old stock that may have stood on the shelf for months, slowly fading and degrading.

Because the juice is freshly made to your requirements, it obviously hasn’t been steeped – a process that allows the ingredients to blend properly, smooths out the vape and deepens the flavour profile as designed.

Steeping is a very important factor in quality vape juice. Our juices are complex and need this process to really shine.

We recommend steeping times, but most times vapers are keen to start vaping the juice, or have run out of juice so they vape it immediately. We have decided to help vapers resolve this problem at our own cost, as we really want you to experience our e-liquids at their very best.

Vape Juice Steeping Club

We have designed a process whereby you can enjoy our fully steeped juice without having to go to the expense of buying juice for 2 months up front – an order to see you through the first month plus another to steep for the following month.

We will carry the cost of the first month’s juice (excluding shipping), it is very important to us that you experience our juices fully steeped. The steeping service is also free, there is no charge attached to it.

How it works

Advise us that you wish to join by e-mail. We will update your account to member status.

Place two orders of similar value (they don’t have to be the same flavours) – one for immediate shipping and one for steeping and shipping the next month.

In checkout add a note of which is for immediate shipping and which is for steeping.

Do not pay for either order yet, just place the orders as manual EFT’s.

We will then null the amounts in the first order, excluding shipping. You can then pay for the shipping of the first free order and for the second order to be steeped.

In a month’s time you can then place another order normally.

Upon receipt of this order your steeped juices from the previous order will be shipped to you while the new order’s juices will be made and enter the steeping process.

This process, and the free first month’s juice, ensures a seamless and free transition for you to vaping our juices at their best.


  • A seamless transition at no extra cost to you
  • Always have properly steeped juices to enjoy
  • Your first month’s juice is free

Too Good to be True?

Not really.

We are assured that you get to vape our juice as we designed it to be. That is very important and valuable to us.

We would ask that you post short reviews of the juices you have vaped on our product pages. With our very extensive range vapers find it difficult to choose which to try.

Reviews are very valuable to them and therefore to us.

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