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Vape E-liquid | Buying from All Day Vapes

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Why buy your E-Liquid from All Day Vapes?

E-Liquid is easily available throughout South Africa, from your local vape shops as well as in many online vape stores. Why should you then buy your e-liquids from us?

Here are a few reasons why, and some cons.


Customizable E Juice

E Juice purchased from us can be customized to a very high degree. Nicotine content, menthol levels in our Chilled range, base VG/PG ratios (we also offer Max VG for those with a PG allergy) and packaging ( HDPE or Chubby Gorilla bottles).

Two main reasons that we offer customizable nicotine content from 24mg down to 0mg:

  • High quality nicotine is the single most expensive component in e-liquid. With us you pay only for the amount of nicotine you use. This is a much fairer pricing structure than the standard as low nic vapers do not subsidize high nic vapers.
  • You can gradually reduce your nicotine level over time, without the shock of a large decrease. From 6mg to 3mg, for instance, is a 50% drop and trying that may result in an unsatisfactory vape. With us you can reduce in small steps (as little as 0.5mg at lower nic levels) making the transition virtually unnoticeable.

E-Liquid Quality

All Day Vapes manufacture and distribute e-liquids in South Africa, but most significantly we also supply several international markets with their private label juices.

This means we have to keep to the highest standard with quality and the vaping experience in order to successfully penetrate these very competitive markets.

The same juices are offered in South Africa via this website direct to public, which means that the eliquid we offer you here is of the same international quality.

We do not contain costs by lowering quality which would rip the heart out of our business, instead we find cost savings in other areas as described here.
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E-juice Freshness

Because we make e-juice to order, the juice you will receive will be freshly made. This is a pro and in some cases a con.

The great news is your juice is fresh and hasn’t been standing in hot warehouses and/or on shop shelves for an indeterminate time. So you’ll never get a juice that has started to deteriorate from us, guaranteed. Shelf life of great ejuice is limited, it reaches its peak at around 2 to 4 weeks after manufacture then it will slowly start fading and deteriorating.

The bad news, for some, is that the more complex juices need to steep for about 2 weeks in order to get the best out of them. So you will have to show a bit of patience to experience our vape juice at its best. However, many of our e juices only need a few days steep, like our Just Fruit and Chilled ranges, so the 2 weeks wait is not necessary. More information about steeping can be found here


Best Prices for International Quality Premium E Liquid in South Africa

Our e liquids are offered directly to public in South Africa, cutting out the middle man. This business model, combined with production systems that minimise stock holding costs and overheads allow us to offer these great juices to you at the best prices you will find anywhere for high quality e liquids. More information about this can be found on our About All Day Vapes page.

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Easy, Quick and Cheap/Free Shipping anywhere in South Africa

We have tailored our Shipping Policy so that it is easy, quick and painless to order your e-liquid from us. Shipping is by courier, at very low/free rates, and the cost is the same wherever you reside in South Africa, be it a city or a small town.

Details about our Shipping Policy

All Day Vapes Cashback Programme

In addition to all the above benefits, we offer a cashback programme. When you open an account with us you will receive a wallet into which the cashback is credited when you buy e-liquid from us. This can then be used at checkout to help pay for your ejuice or it can be accumulated to pay for a complete order, the choice is yours.
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