Vape Devices - Special Requests

If you cannot find the Vaping Hardware you are looking for this is the place to lodge a request for it.
Vaping santa - Vape Devices Special Requests

We can import that device you cannot find at the time of our next shipment, if our supplier has it in stock at that time.

If we do not stock it we can source it for you when our next shipment is made under these conditions:

  • Next time we do an order we will give you a price for the item/s
  • Once we give you a price it is paid by manual EFT before we place the order.
  • The item/s do not qualify for Cashback or free shipping
  • If the item goes out of stock at our supplier before we can place the order your money will be fully refunded

Please fill in the form with the details and we will contact you as soon as we do our next order.