Wotofo 5mm ID Dual Core Fused Clapton for SRPNT RDA


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The Wotofo 5mm ID prebuilt Clapton coils are an excellent component of Wotofo’s high-quality atomizers, including the SRPNT RDA. The SRPNT RDA can accommodate a dual build and a single build setting. The single build setting is where the revolutionary 5mm ID Clapton Coil comes in. The 5mm ID Clapton is a dual-core fused coil that features a resistance rating of 0.65 ohms. The ideal working power rating is 76W to get the best out of your 5mm ID Clapton Coil to improve the performance of your Wotofo SRPNT RDA.

Ready-To-Use Prebuilt Coils
Wotofo 5mm ID Prebuilt Coil package comes with five pieces of these 5mm ID Clapton coils ready to use without any additional preparation. Combine the purchase with the Wotofo Xfiber Cotton for the 5mm ID Coil package to get the necessary replacement parts that ensure an uninterrupted vaping experience.

5mm ID Prebuilt Coil Specifications
5mm ID Dual Core Fused Clapton
Material: Ni80
Resistance: 0.65ohm
Inner Core: 26Gx2
Outer Wire: 38G
Internal Diameter: 5mm
Best At: 76W (single build)


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