E-Liquid Strawberry Yogurt Panna Cotta

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E-Liquid Strawberry Yogurt Panna Cotta
Steeping: Minimum 7 Days. Recommended 3 Weeks


E-Liquid Strawberry Yogurt Panna Cotta

See e-liquid notes for more information on ordering and steeping.

12 reviews for E-Liquid Strawberry Yogurt Panna Cotta

  1. ssn.schmidt (verified owner)

    Great taste, which only increases with steeping. Smooth, but not overpowering.

  2. dewetsebastian (verified owner)

    Amazing flavour, seriously worth the price!!!! 😀

  3. jadimeyer (verified owner)

    Definitely not a waste. It taste like the picture! Like literally!

    The nice sweet strawberry on the inhale and the creaminess on the exhale. I am in love with this flavour. Can literally vape this the entire day.

  4. lintonmac (verified owner)

    I found this to be quite sweet and i expected more creaminess due to the panna. The taste of strawberry is quite distinctive though. Maybe i need to try it on my lower wattage tanks.

  5. Willem (verified owner)

    Although this is grouped under dessert flavours, I’ll have this for breakfast and the whole day for that matter. Well balanced and rounded juice without an overpowering strawberry tone you get from other brands. Comparable to the finest out there.

  6. Tanya (verified owner)

    This has been my sisters all day vape for months now. Always a winner

  7. adamheynes (verified owner)

    Delicious! Perfect balance of flavours – the longer you steep for, the better this baby becomes! So impressed by this gem of a find. Cant wait to order some more.

  8. hendre101 (verified owner)

    Steeped the juice for about a week, needs a bit more time. Really great tasting juice, nice strawberry vape, and a bit of panna cotta on the exhale. This is really a unique and exceptional strawberry vape not at similar to the 100’s of strawberry milkshake vapes on the market. not quite a ADV for me

  9. Saalik Ahmed (verified owner)

    This was very different from the strawberry I’m used to,but I really enjoyed this,perfect for after meals,sweet,rich and creamy,very unique and lovely at the same time

  10. lfgm (verified owner)

    Interesting strawberry flavour, for me it is similar to a strawberry bubblegum. A smooth and enjoyable vape.

  11. Tanya (verified owner)

    The most authentic sweet strawberry-tasting juice that I have tried so far. The panna cotta makes it nice and smooth too. A definite winner in my books

  12. jbcoetsee (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this juice, a very well balanced ripe strawberry vape with a Panna Cotta undertone. Perfect if you’re a fan of strawberry flavours. This has become a definite ADV addition.

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