Raspberry Hazelnut Scone Flavouring

Raspberry Hazelnut scone
Steeping: Minimum 7 Days. Recommended 3 Weeks

(10 customer reviews)

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Raspberry Hazelnut Scone Flavouring

Raspberry Hazelnut scone

10 reviews for Raspberry Hazelnut Scone Flavouring

  1. Lyzetteo (verified owner)

    I have steeped this flavour for about 10 days, love the scone and raspberry flavor, not to sweet just right, this flavour will make your taste buds guessing the rest of the notes, will definitely recommend it!

  2. verster.riaan (verified owner)

    Omg this is awesome.. Steeped for a week and it was good.. After 2.. Even better.. After 3… On my order again list.. Really enjoyable vape.. Highly recommend if you enjoy baked goods type vape..
    Scone comes through strong and then that raspberry that teases in the exhale.. Love it

  3. ssn.schmidt (verified owner)

    Definitely an ‘All day vape’. Taste improved after steeping it. Love the mix of scone and fruit flavours.

  4. lintonmac (verified owner)

    Enjoyed this, and loved the berry flavor. Just needed to get used to the nuttiness on exhale. However this does not detract from the enjoyable vape this flavor gives. Not an ADV but definitely a keeper

  5. janomyburgh (verified owner)

    Prominent nutty bakery taste with subtle berry to compliment it. Just a hint of sweetness. Not a juice you will get bored with quickly, but not what I would carry with me all day. Prefer to drip this at home after a meal on while relaxing in stead of ADV in a tank otherwise the complexity of the juice is not as appreciated.

  6. Richard (verified owner)

    Amazing flavour, Let this steep for 11 days only and feel it’s great to use already. Been vaping this non stop for 2 days and dreading when it finishes. Raspberry pops, got a ripe sweet taste, rather than a candy raspberry. Hazelnut is subtle but very present and keeps me vaping for more to grab that taste. Scone tones just binds it all together so well. Going to be back for more of this one. If you haven’t tried this one yet, you won’t be disappointed.

  7. calvinh875 (verified owner)

    Yummy baked taste. My favorite so far from all day vapes thank you ! Also delivery to Durban in 24 hours so excellent service as well.

  8. shameer.adam1 (verified owner)

    A wonderful Rasberry delight with fantastic notes of bakery. Yum… Pump up the wattage a bit an experience the sensation of an authetic hazelnut. Beware, your RTA seems to empty faster than usual, and climate change occurs in the house, purely because it is a difficult flavour to put down once you start

  9. Tanya (verified owner)

    My new favorite! Complex juice with a full flavor and sweet tangyness from the raspberry. WONDERFUL, I can’t see myself ever letting this one drop to dangerously low levels before re-ordering

  10. jbcoetsee (verified owner)

    I’ve only steeped this juice for a few days but right from the start the smell is amazing, a complex flavourful vape of a fresh oven baked scone filled with raspberries and hazelnuts. A well balanced flavour profile that is sure to become even better after a few more days. Will definitely order again.

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