Chilled Pineapple Flavouring

Chilled Pineapple with menthol
Steeping: Minimum 0 Days. Recommended 1 Week

(24 customer reviews)

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Chilled Pineapple Flavouring

Chilled Pineapple with menthol

24 reviews for Chilled Pineapple Flavouring

  1. Andries (verified owner)

    Great taste.
    The pineapple taste is really good. Not too sweet, I also like the cool effect as it really adds to the experience of this flavour. Will be ordering again!

  2. (verified owner)

    Was expecting a bit more of the pineapple taste. The ‘chill’ taste overpowers the pineapple. Else, it’s one worth trying.

  3. liverobyn (verified owner)

    I meant the lightest menthol…very very pleasant.

  4. liverobyn (verified owner)

    Exactly as stated, I chose the lightest pineapple and it is great!

  5. Kayla (verified owner)

    Really great taste. Nice menthol (strong) with a pinapple aftertaste. I let it steep for about 5 days and the flavour came through great

  6. liverobyn (verified owner)

    I possibly expected more of a pineapple flavor but did not leave it to steep for very long but thoroughly enjoy it anyway, smooth and chilled.

  7. (verified owner)

    Super flav and unique! Definitely one for the ADV list.

  8. chadbinder (verified owner)

    Been my ADV for over a year now.
    I go for a stronger menthol at 12mg and it’s delicious.
    Great throat kick with a nice pineapple flavour.

  9. jacques.ambrose.1975 (verified owner)

    Not being a real menthol fan, I have to say this is something I would definitely buy again.

  10. Jodie (verified owner)

    One of the best juices I’ve come across so far. I took the light menthol option and it was pleasant. The pineapple on the exhale is just magnificent. Will have this in my arsenal permanently from now on.

  11. Tanya (verified owner)

    There is a reason why this juice is so popular – best pineapple juice I have found so far.

  12. Mattg (verified owner)

    Pretty tasty, but I didn’t pick up the pineapple as much as I thought I would. If you like menthols don’t forget to order at least a “strong” option!

  13. moey1990 (verified owner)

    Ordered the light menthol, really getting that pineapple flavor. A good one

  14. Craig (verified owner)

    Very well matched flavours. I had been keen to try a pineapple vape for ages. The chill of the menthol and the sweetness of the pineapple do work together, but it is an aquired taste which I haven’t acquired.

    5/5 for objective rating, 3/5 for personal preference.

  15. Saalik Ahmed (verified owner)

    This is my favourite juice from all,so real pineapple with the perfect amount of coolness,very refreshing,cant get enough of this

  16. Nicole (verified owner)

    This is delicious — a cool inhale with a sweet, ripe pineapple exhale that lingers. I’m very glad I bought the biiiig bottle as this is such a treat during a heatwave!

  17. shameer.adam1 (verified owner)

    Read up, see the hype. Thats what I thought at first, maybe just a hyped up juice.

    Then I gave it a try, WOW… Definately one of the best fruity menthols I have had! Well done

  18. jbcoetsee (verified owner)

    This one was good from the start but just got better with steeping, the menthol smoothed out and the pineapple really started shining. I’ve stayed away from pineapple juices for a while after some bad experiences but decided to give this on a try, I’m so glad I did! Will definitely order again.

  19. pieter.vaneck (verified owner)

    What a surprise!!! Besides the terrific service of same day mixing and delivery I was sceptical of juice at such a modest price. Cracking open a bottle of this 3 days after delivery I got a punch of menthol in the thoat followed by fresh subtle notes of pineapple.Now 7 days later the pineapple is a lot more pronounced and menthol subdued, absolutely brilliant! Kick other pineapple eliquids asses!!

  20. Danie (verified owner)

    Being a non menthol vaping type person this is a refreshing revelation! Like a summer breeze on the taste senses …

  21. Tanya (verified owner)

    Excellent real sweet delicious pineapple vape. Ready to go immediately but gets so much better after a week! I ordered it with mild menthol so not sure what the standard version tastes like but I can definitely see this becoming a staple for me. And I am not even a fan of menthol!

  22. graeme.mac22 (verified owner)

    I have tried some local pineapple ejuice before, but to me it tasted like soap so decided it wasn’t for me. After reading that this eliquid apparently tasted like actual pineapple instead of a soapy mess my interest was piqued.

    I was very happy to find this juice is delicious!! I don’t think it is the exact fresh pineapple – rather it is like slightly sweetened crisp pineapple juice. (Once it has steeped it may be more like the real fruit) I find it a stellar juice that is perfect for a lazy summers day. I did the test, lying at the pool, and it passed with flying colours!

    I will certainly reorder this e juice! Together with a lot of the fruit and chilled vapes! This e liquid is an absolute bargain for a really great mix and easily outperforms others that sell at twice as much.

  23. meimoen (verified owner)

    This is an awesome all day summers day vape. Ready to vape after one days steeping, but if you are patient enough it only gets better over time. I ordered it with a mild menthol and 2mg nic. It’s just a pallete refreshing vape. The menthol is nice and cool on the inhale and you get a slight tinge of the pineapple in the background as to say hello there I have arrived. On the exhale the pineapple comes more to the fore and makes its presence known. Your mouth is left feeling fresh and cool with a sweet pineapple taste.

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