DIY One Shot Range Differences

Our DIY One Shot premixed concentrates come in 4 categories:

  • Standard All Day Vapes One Shots
  • Signature One Shots
  • Private Bin One Shots
  • Fat Cats One Shots

Our premixed concentrates are DIY versions of our Made-to-Order juices, if mixed correctly with high quality VG, PG and nicotine the end product will be the same as our juices. For this reason you can use the reviews of our e-liquids on their respective product pages as a guide.


Range Differences

  • Standard All Day Vapes range of e juices are of medium complexity, developed by both our mixologists working together.
  • Signature range are very complex juices which are developed by both our mixologists working as a team.
  • Private Bin ranges are also very complex. Each mixologist have their own Private Bin range, and develops e juices independently. Both have developed their own style over time and the Private Bins allow them to showcase their individual styles.


Then what are Fat Cats?

Fat Cats is our range of DIY One Shot premixed concentrates which consists of the most complex juices – typically well above 10 flavour components – in our Signature and Private Bin ranges. Those that could not be accommodated in a 10% One Shot because of the very high number of flavouring components they contain, so they have been formulated to mix at 20%.

It should be noted that we only use European flavourings for a number of reasons, the main one being that they are certified to the higher European standards for potentially harmful ingredients. But they are also much more concentrated so even though most of our juices are very complex we can accommodate them in a 10% One Shot. The Fat Cats we cannot.

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