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Our Motivation

Our range of juices is large and growing rapidly. With so many options it becomes confusing and difficult for people to choose a few from amongst the very large selection. You may have experienced this, and may have found the reviews helpful in your decision.

The reviews are invaluable as a guide from other vapers in finding those juices that will suit your tastes best, and are very important to us for this reason. We do not want to constrain our range of flavours and thus your choices, in fact we intend growing the offering considerably.

What We Ask

We ask members to do a short review on the product pages of the juices they have tried.

That’s all. No money, no commitment or minimum to order, just that you help build the guide to other vapers.

How It Works

Your membership will be activated within 24hrs and you will receive an email confirming activation

Once your membership is activated the discounts on the Signature and Private Bin ranges will be automatically applied to your cart totals. You have to be signed in for the discount to be applied.


Benefits & Cost

Save more money on your juices. Members get 10% off all our products in the Signature and Private Bin ranges.

Cost: Free. A few minutes of your time once in a while to do short reviews of the juices you have tried.

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